Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Screenshots (Press F2!)

The game taken with a new feature: press F2 to take a screenshot!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Features of the new VCEngine

I have been developing many features to aid with the developing of VoxelCaverns in LWJGL:

  • GUI class, which automatically draws components loaded from the loadComponents() function
  • GUIComponents, drawable features for GUI, which can have subcomponents.
  • Language support. Instead of the code saying my button is called "quit Game", its called "menu.quit" which is a key for a language map. In English this returns "Quit Game"
  • Modding support: Java looks much better to develop this, but only basics so far (file "VCMod.java")
  • Command line arguments (currently only "debug", which starts the game in debug mode!)
  • Sprite Sheet support: The ComponentButton draw method uses a sprite sheet with textures for button, button_pressed and button_disabled on it.
  • Different constant speed method: Instead of many games just timing how long last update was and using that to determine movement, I have a fixed amount of updates per second before the update thread sleeps for the rest of the second (20)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Porting VoxelCaverns to Java LWJGL

Doing this provides many bonuses over the old XNA engine:

  • People on OSX and Linux will be able to play!
  • Better support for zip files (.jar files!)
  • Load textures as .png from inside the jar!
  • Spritesheets (hopefully)
  • and many others
I have already taken advantage of the jar to create a language system, and tested it by making the game title equal to the localization for "game.title"!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

VoxelCaverns Indev2D 0.8 & VoxelCaverns Launcher 1.0

I've finished the launcher!


*Saplings which grow into trees
*More smooth ground
*A "Noob" mob (Yes really!)
*Monsters can now spawn an depawn
*Player and mob fall speed is now limited to 50 [Math.Min(playerSpeed, 50)]
*Fixed the "falling down a one wide hole" bug!
*Sand now falls faster
*Added pots
*Changed cave generation so caves are now smaller but more common in the hopes that caves will join together
*Made dungeons rarer and made it so they do not have to have corridors but it is rare for them not to
*Replacing blocks will now set light level and color correctly
*Changed player speed from 5 to 6
*Increased tool speed
*Fixed a bug where the game won't load if there is no saves folder!
*Changed the saves folders name from "saves" to "Saves"!

VoxelCaverns Launcher Nearly Finished!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Saving and Loading

Im recoding my failed saving and loading in 0.7. Ive already recoded saving world data and chunks and loading world data (So far it saves the seed so you can get the same world as before)

Friday, 23 December 2011

Huge Menu changes planned in Indev2D 0.7

Hello all, I am planning to modify the menu greatly in 0.7, and I have already recoded the Text Input box.